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Need to monitor your profitability in real-time, and predict the future of your business? Try Productive.

Running an agency can be rough, which is why a cutting-edge agency management tool is a must-have. Productive covers entire workflows—from your Sales Pipeline to Invoicing and Billing. Be ahead of any project with better Budget and Resource Planning, using simple time tracking and prebuilt reports. View each client, project or budget like a separate profit center.


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The top reasons why successful agencies choose Productive

Everything you need to consider when comparing agency management tools

Resource Management Preview

Resource Management

Organize and plan a work schedule for your entire agency. Find bottlenecks that cost money and consume time. Avoid collisions, burnouts and overbooking with Resource Planning features.

Powerful Business Insights

Build customizable reports from scratch, focus on what’s important for you: Actual Utilization by People, Revenue & Profitability by Client, Invoiced Revenue by Months, Overtime by People, Profitability by Months, etc.

Business Insights Interface
Sales Pipeline To Deal

Sales Pipeline

Manage your sales funnel and win more deals with a simple CRM solution. You won’t ever forget to follow up on that potential business opportunity. When a deal is won, convert it into a project and continue working in the same tool.

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Productive helps you organize and manage your projects so your team can work faster and smarter.

Billing & Invoicing

Billing & Invoicing

Invoicing in Productive is simple. The link between invoicing and your projects’ budgets helps you stay on top of invoiced and uninvoiced revenue. If you work on multiple projects with the same client, you can merge them into a single invoice.

Time & Expense Tracking

Track time on client and internal projects. Make sure your clients are billed fairly by approving billable hours before they’re invoiced. Track billable and non-billable expenses per project, and keep an eye on facility costs with our overhead calculating algorithm.

Time Tracking Preview

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Why choose Productive over Accelo?

See what makes Productive the best agency management tool

Feature Comparison
Insights Library
A Collection of 50+ prebuilt agency reports included in all plans.
Project & Time Tracking
Gain a better understanding of how your team spends its time.
Resource Planning
Check resource usage from a high level and instantly see who's over or underbooked.
Billable Utilization Insights
Be in control of your billable and non-billable hours and focus on billable projects to maximize profitability.

Try Productive today

Productive helps you organize and manage your projects so your team can work faster and smarter.

Why Productive

Why choose Productive over Mavenlink?

Productive offers a user-friendly interface focused on efficiency.

Why choose Productive over WorkFlowMax?

Productive is tailor-made for agency business processes.

Why choose Productive over Harvest?

Productive offers a 360 degree view of your agency business.

Why choose Productive over Workamajig?

Productive is a user-friendly all-in-one agency management tool.

Why choose Productive over Scoro?

Productive keeps collaboration efficient when managing diverse projects.

Why choose Productive over Synergist?

Productive helps you manage entire business cycles, from pre-sales to billing.

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Productive helps you organize and manage your projects so your team can work faster and smarter. Anticipate off times, vacations, sales reservations and get accurate availability information.