Productive Affiliate Program

Countless agencies around the world struggle with inefficient processes and managing profitability. Help them by referring them to Productive, and get cash in return!

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Why should you join the affiliate program?

Earn more money effortlessly

We do the heavy lifting. All we need from you are connections. You’ll earn a percentage of everything we make during one year from a customer you introduced us to.

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Who is Productive for?

Our customers are looking for a serious, all encompassing tool that smoothens out their processes and helps them monitor profitability. We work with:

  • Software design and development shops
  • Marketing and PR agencies
  • Consultancy firms


Agency types

Our ideal affiliate partner...

  • Works at an agency or has agency background
  • Has a network of friends or followers who work in agencies
  • Is a member of an agency association
  • Frequently attends agency meetups and events
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Frequently asked questions

How much money can I earn?

You’ll earn 20% from everything we make during one year from a customer you referred to us. If we make $500 each month, you will earn $100 per month for 12 months.

When and how do I get paid?

You get paid once per month through PayPal or Stripe. The entire process is automated and completely secure. 

Do I have to pay to join this program?

No, being a part of our affiliate program is completely free of charge.

Is there a minimum I must earn before being paid out?

The minimum you need to earn is $25.

What if a customer stops paying?

If your referral stops paying, you will stop receiving the commission.

Do my followers get a discount when subscribing for a trial?

If your followers sign up for a trial by the referral link, they’ll get a 10% discount.