Our Ingredients For a Perfect Coqtail of E-commerce and Fashion Design

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Coqtail Team

This article is brought to you by Lukas Jorissen, the founder and creative director of Coqtail

Coqtail is an e-commerce agency from Amsterdam, a mix of designers, developers, photographers and strategists. 

We specialise in designing custom webshops for the fashion and lifestyle industry, which win awards and convert like crazy. 

We also have a mean acceleration team which does growth hacking and continuous upgrades to an e-commerce platform which we’ve built, but also the ones done by other agencies.

We’ve been in the e-commerce business since 2011. First we started doing everything for everybody, from Nike campaign websites to apps for chefs. This wasn’t the best business strategy. The things we were creating were cool, but lasted as long as the campaign did. This made us think about how we can create something that lasts longer and grows with the company.

It ultimately led us to specialise in e-commerce for the fashion industry. The industry is known for its high expectations and constant lookout for the competition, which gives us a lot of place for experimenting.

The project we are most proud of is a webshop for Frederique Constant, a Swiss watchmaker. The client gave us a lot of responsibility and we ended up designing the customer journey, developing custom APIs, making the videos, photographing the watch and even casting the actors. It took us six months to deliver the webshop with different storefronts depending on the regions in the world.

We also have a bit unconventional HR policy. When we are hiring a new employee, the whole team gets to interview him. Why? Because you see the guy/girl sitting next to you more often than your own siblings, so the relationship better be good. I believe everyone should be involved in deciding with whom they spend their precious time. This also includes after work activities such as festivals, camping and table tennis.

We follow the same principle in business as well. We start new projects with the entire team doing research on problems they need to solve. Everyone is invited to share his/her opinion in the meetings as well as feedback their colleague’s work. Our frontend team, backend team and designers constantly exchange ideas and comments. This is how they bring out the best in each other.

Before coming across Productive, we were in a state of total chaos. As we were growing, we were introducing new tools for the problems we were looking to solve. Asana, Jira, Harvest, Portfolio – you name it.

We managed to replace all of them with Productive in a few days, with a little help from the support team. Keeping track of projects, timings and tasks was never easier then this, even our sales guys are using Productive. This ensures that the whole team sees what leads there are and which clients we won recently.

It made our life easier because now we use one tool for:

  • creating projects and sprints
  • tracking the hours
  • sending proposals and invoices
  • doing the team planning

With Productive, we finally found the one tool that truly gives us everything we need. However, if we have to point out the biggest benefit Productive brought to the table, it’s the overview of our entire business in one place. Now we manage everything, from cash flow and project profitability to tasks within the same software.

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