Discounts on individual Line Items

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We added a new feature to Productive.

You can now add a discount to individual line items on your sales dealsbudgets and invoices.

This was added due to popular demand from our customers. We do listen, so feel free to send your ideas and suggestions often. You can contact us either via in-app chat or by sending an email to

How did discounts work previously?

You could add a discount to the total amount on your sales deal, budget or invoice. This was not that flexible because it would affect all of your services at once, as well as your billable expenses – which was a common complaint.

There was a workaround you could use effectively. Basically, you could add another line item for the service you want to discount, and then give it a negative value. Not very elegant, but it worked!

What did we change?

Take a look at the image below. It shows you a budget with line item discounts. The same principle applies to your sales deals and invoices.

When building a sales deal, budget or invoice, you can simply add a discount to every line item individually.


The new line item discounts will not automatically affect old sales deals, budgets, and invoices that were created prior to this change.

The reason is simple – your safety.
If you sent some invoices already, applying any changes to those documents automatically could mess up your numbers.

You can still manually edit your old data and use the new discounts that way if you want to.

Be sure to keep an eye on our roadmap as there’s more to come very soon!

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