Either Way, the Answer is Tequila

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What is the philosophy that brought ENKI the best Slovenian digital agency reward for 5 years in a row? The eternal question, “What is more important, people or numbers?” has always been a no-brainer for them. This family — like the boutique agency has found their people to be the key ingredient in the recipe for success.

We offer a service on the market, but it can not be of high quality if it’s not supported by competent people. Without the right collaborators who create with passion, there is no ENKI. That’s why they will always be in the first place. The fact that we achieve good numbers only confirms that we have brought together the right people.

Once an amazing culture is combined with motivation and a thriving atmosphere, amazing results follow soon after. And they did — ENKI has been delivering the highest level of quality and achieving great results year after year. The recipe worked so well, they ultimately installed a new shelf for all the awards they have amassed throughout the years.

When it comes to clients, their unusual manifesto, We may or may not click… Either way, the answer is tequila. definitely stands out in the small Slovenian market where agencies fight for every client (the population of Slovenia is a little above two million people). Their clients range from Porsche to Johnson & Johnson and Petrol.

Fortunately, we have been given enough business opportunities that we do not need to accept every project. We are looking for partners with whom we share the same values, especially those who believe in our work and want a joint co-creation.

Jaka Lenardič, CEO of ENKI, believes culture is essential, but processes can definitely help with becoming a top-notch agency. This is where software comes to play.

ENKI has a peculiar position in the market. All of this is much easier if you have a software in the background that helps you organize better. In this regard, Productive meets our expectations.

Being an agency of 10 people, usually managing around 10 projects at the same time, they believe the success of a project depends mostly on pushing that extra mile. Some software, however, always comes in handy.

ENKI used to waste a lot of time trying to get the right information about their projects. Since implementing Productive, they reduced the time needed to analyze their profitability by at least 300%.

Bottom line is — someone’s got to take care of all the processes, admin work, finances and so on. They trust Productive to manage everything, from sales to delivery, together with project management. Life is beautiful when all of your data is kept under one roof.

We are now devoting ourselves to those areas that are the most rewarding and represent the biggest challenges we are conquering, and that is creating innovative digital experiences.

Want a shelf full of awards? Try out Productive for free.

If you want to work with ENKI, visit their website and send them a message.

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