Insights – the evolution of reporting!

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Productive is all about helping you reach the peak level of your agency’s performance. It holds everything you need under one roof, easily replacing poorly integrated tool stacks and spreadsheets.

This wholesome approach makes it a vast repository of knowledge about projects you’ve ran in the past, the ones you’re running now and those you’ll be running in the near future.

To make all this information easier to leverage, we’re unleashing the power of Insights!

What are Insights?

Simply put, they’re the next step in the evolution of Productive’s reporting.

Insights allow you to build a fully customizable report from scratch. After all, you know best what’s important for you.

We’ve prepared a bunch of templates too. Here’s a list with a couple of examples:

  • Actual Utilization by People
  • Average Invoiced Rate by Client
  • Invoiced Revenue by Client
  • Invoiced Revenue by Months
  • Overtime by People
  • Payments Received This Month by Client
  • Profitability by Client
  • Profitability by Months
  • Sales Deals Added by Month
  • Time Off Usage by People
  • etc.

Adding a custom category will help you separate insights based on key business areas they are used for. For example, you can add categories for utilization, profitability, etc. and then group reports under them.

You can also view your Placeholders in Insights as though they are employees,. This will give you a more accurate future perspective on financial reporting.

How to build a report?

We’ve added a couple of cool tricks that will help you build powerful, real time reports in literal seconds. So, let’s talk through those first.


Your data can now be grouped in two levels.

For example, if you want to figure out utilization by team member AND by month, you can easily do that now.

Data pivoting

Clicking the Show only totals checkbox allows you to pivot the report by a certain columns, for example Billable time.

Pivoting, as well as Multi-grouping are only available in Productive’s Premium plan. Details about new pricing can be found here.

Custom fields

Adding custom fields to your account allows for even more flexibility in building reports that are tailored specifically for your agency. To learn more about custom fields click here.


You can choose between displaying only a table, only a chart, or both a table and a chart. There are various charts to pick from, all useful for a specific type of report (it’s up to you).

Let’s build that report

We’re going to demonstrate how quick and easy it is to build report that shows revenue grouped by:

  • Business line (custom field – you can add this one too if you want)
  • Date (month)

The report will be visualized in a pie chart.

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