Desktop Timer for Even Easier Time Tracking

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Did you know we have a Productive Desktop app for both Mac and Windows? This is a great option for everyone who gets swamped with countless browser tabs, email notifications and prefers desktop apps over their browser versions any day of the week.

You get all the benefits of a standalone app like a tray/dock icon for easy access, system-level notifications, unread notifications badge or using alt+tab/cmd+tab to switch between top-level windows without using a mouse. This all while still having all the features browser version offers.

To start using it, go to and download the desktop app.

Now, with a desktop timer

Today we’re upgrading the desktop app with the new feature called the Desktop timer.

It’s a widget that sits in your system tray giving you more visibility into a running timer and you can track the time you spend on a specific project much faster.

To start the timer, open the widget and select a project you’re working on.

You can add as many projects on the list as you like. Once you’re ready to start working on a project, hit the “run” button and the timer starts.

Once you’re done, hit the “pause” button and start working on something else.

Every time entry you’ve recorded with the timer widget will be automatically visible in the My time section in Productive.

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