$10 per person
gets you everything you need*

* When billed annually ($12 monthly)
Here's an example
Project management
Time tracking
Sales pipeline
$10 per user/month
$9.99 per user/month
$12 per user/month
$10 per user/month
Hub Planner
$7 per user/month

Frequently asked questions

Is there any limit to the number of projects we can run or tasks and clients we can add?
No, there are no limits in Productive, you only pay for your employees and contractors that use it.
Is there a minimum number of users?
No, there's no minimum for the number of users if you pay by credit card.
I want to invite my clients to Productive, do I need to pay for them?
No, adding clients to Productive is free of charge. That means you can invite them to your projects and make communication easier and organized while also giving them the ability to check on the project’s progress in real-time.
Can I add freelancers or contractors to Productive?
Yes, you can add them, they’ll be able to collaborate with you and track time on projects. They’ll be charged the same price as employees.
What happens to my credit card information?
We never store your credit card information. Actually, it never even passes through our servers. We use Stripe, one of the most popular payment processors in the world, as our credit card provider.
Can I pay by invoice?
Sure. If you want to pay by wire transfer, you need to sign up for an annual subscription with a minimum of 10 seats.
I have other questions! Who can help me?
Our support team (not robots) is at your disposal to answer any questions you might have. Contact them via the help bubble inside Productive or at contact@productive.io.