Productive Roadmap October, 2019

Find out what we’re working on and what new features lie ahead

Recently completed

  • Emoji support
    Add a dash of fun when communicating with colleagues in Productive.
  • Notification settings
    Have greater control over what updates you receive.
  • Data table export
    Create custom data table views and export exactly what you see in PDF or CSV (e.g. Financials -> Invoices).
  • Project progress
    Compare estimated and actual hours on your projects using the week-by-week analysis.
  • Working days per person
    Set different working days for every person individually.
  • QuickBooks integration
    Send invoices directly to QuickBooks.
  • Billable expenses
    Expenses that you can charge to your clients.
  • Simple proposal export
    The option to export a simple proposal / cost estimate PDF document.
  • iCal support
    See your bookings in your favourite calendar app
  • Exact integration
    Send invoices directly to Exact accounting software.
  • Custom views & data filtering
    Create custom views to have better and more flexible insight into your data.
  • Xero integration
    Send invoices directly to Xero accounting software.
  • Zapier integration
    Integrate Productive with hundreds of different tools by using third party service Zapier

In progress

  • Custom fields
    Create custom fields for different elements within Productive. This will greatly increase reporting flexibility for the most advanced users.
  • Autotracking
    Track time automatically based on scheduled hours
  • Create 1 invoice out of multiple budgets
    Build your ultimate invoice by combining multiple budgets at once.
  • Project management improvements
    Checklists, task descriptions, timeline view and general UX tweaks
  • Forecast
    Predict your future revenues and expenses by comparing project progress and future scheduled work.
  • Reporting improvements
    More flexibility, drill down options and the ability to choose attributes for each report.
  • Scheduling improvements
    Monthly and weekly views, budget spend warnings and a company wide availability report.
  • 2 step authentication
    Extra layer of security for user accounts.


  • Checklists for tasks
    Each task can have an associated checklist of “subtasks”, basically items you tick off to complete that task.
  • Search improvements
    Improving the full-search feature to return even more relevant results.
  • Better importing
    We can currently perform manual imports of data (contacts, deals) for customers. This feature would introduce in-app imports.
  • Scheduling of future resources and projects in pipeline
    Options to book virtual resources (e.g. future employees) on a project and plan resources for upcoming projects which are currently in the pipeline.
  • Tracking time on sales deals
    Log hours directly to sales deals. After winning the deal, decide whether the hours are billable or not.
  • Video help
    Learn more about Productive through a series of helpful videos.


  • Slack integration
    Receive notifications in Slack channels.
  • Receive online payments
    Users will be able to receive credit card payments from their clients directly in Productive.
  • Jira integration
    Use Jira as your primary project management tool that seamlessly integrates with Productive's financials.
  • Emailing out of Productive
    Can be used for various features - marketing automation, automated sending of invoices, proposals etc.
  • Document builder
    Build high-quality quotes/proposals directly from Productive, embed pricing tables and autogenerate PDFs.
  • Advanced notes
    Many more rich text format options when creating project notes.
  • Better permission system
    Adding more flexibility when assigning user permissions.