Productive Roadmap September, 2021

Find out what we’re working on and what new features lie ahead

Recently completed

  • Pulse
    Schedule the reports to be delivered to your email inbox.
  • Task custom fields library (BETA)
    Use the same custom fields across multiple projects.
  • Subtasks (BETA)
    Use subtasks to break up overwhelming task into smaller parts.
  • Slack integration
    Receive notifications in Slack channels.
  • Remaining Time Off Report
    This report will show you time off usage by people.
  • Scheduling placeholders
    Schedule a project to a placeholder employee.
  • Azure SSO
    Enable login for your users with their Azure credentials.
  • Two-factor Authentication (2FA)
    Add an extra layer of security to your login process using Two-factor Authentication (2FA).
  • Encryption at Rest
    Encryption at Rest provides key protection against data breaches. All your data is encrypted in Productive, even while “resting” in the database.
  • Custom fields
    Create custom fields for different elements within Productive. This will greatly increase reporting flexibility for the most advanced users.
  • Insights
    More flexibility, drill down options, two-level grouping and more.
  • Outlook calendar integration
    Track time directly from your Outlook calendar events.
  • Jira integration
    Use Jira as your primary project management tool that seamlessly integrates with Productive's financials.
  • Overheads revamp
    You'll get a clearer perspective on how to calculate and use overhead.
  • Task improvements
    Enjoy using checklists, task descriptions, timeline view and general UX tweaks.
  • SAML Single Sign-On
    Make your account even more secure—with Single Sign-On Support (SSO).
  • Expense report export
    Export all of your expenses in a single document.
  • Accounting integrations improvements
    Service types sync with accounting codes for Xero and Quickbooks.
  • Import data from Harvest
    Now you can import data from Harvest to Productive.
  • Redesigned Sales Deals
    Day-to-day tasks within sales deals are easier to follow, manage, and move forward now.
  • Forecasting Charts and Budget Overviews
    Predict future of your agency and plan costs better with new Budget overviews and Forecasting charts.
  • Week View on My Time
    See your time entries from a whole week in one place by switching to Week view.
  • Scheduling Heatmaps
    We redesigned Scheduling heatmaps with color-coded indicators.
  • Reactions on Comments
    React to comments in your deals or tasks with an emoji.
  • New Invoice Builder
    We've completely revamped our Invoice Builder.
  • Forecast
    Predict your future revenue and expenses by comparing project progress and future scheduled work.
  • Dark, Light and Standard Theme
    Switch between Dark, Light, or the default Standard theme.
  • Bulk actions
    Select multiple items and make changes in bulk.
  • Accounting integration two-way sync
    Sync information back and forth between Productive and supported accounting tools.
  • Calendar time tracking
    Integrate Productive with Google Calendar, track time in Calendar view, and turn your calendar events into time entires.
  • Cost rates report
    Use cost rates data source and create a report.
  • Date range picker upgrade
    UX improvements and updates will include more predefined options like Today, Yesterday, Next week, Year to date, and more.
  • Video help
    Video explainers of individual features in Productive.
  • Customized Invoice Email
    Now you can send customized Invoice emails.
  • Quick add button
    Quickly create new tasks, projects, and contacts.

In progress

  • Timeline view
    Plan and monitor your projects by visualizing the tasks duration in a timeline.
  • Workflow
    Create and apply status workflow to a project and track task progress in the Status field.
  • Docs
    Improved project notes system. Collaborate, rearrange, pin notes and more.
  • Proposal builder (Premium)
    Build high-quality quotes/proposals directly from Productive, embed pricing tables and autogenerate PDFs.
  • Time-off approval flow (Premium)
    Improved and revamped time-off approval flow.
  • Views and layouts revamp
    Views are becoming more flexible and easier to use, with layouts becoming an integral part of a view.
  • Recycle bin
    All deleted items will end up in a trash can where you can also restore items if you need them.
  • Holiday calendar
    Holiday calendar per subsidiary for employees from different countries.
  • New Budget Editor
    Create more flexible estimates using sections (e.g. you can divide your projects into phases directly in the estimate).
  • Time-off sync
    Let your colleagues know that you are absent from work by synchronising your time-off status from Productive to Slack and Google.
  • Comment visibility
    Hidden comments are not visible to the clients. Use them for internal team communication.
  • Board view
    You'll be able to group tasks in Board view across much more than just Task lists.
  • Draft Invoice
    Prepare your invoice in the draft without the invoice number and check out any mistakes before finalizing it.
  • Flexible permission system
    Adding more flexibility when assigning user permissions.


  • Tracking time on sales deals
    Log hours directly on sales deals.
  • Relationship field
    Cross-reference information from related objects by combining fields in insights and table view
  • Search improvements
    Improving the full-search feature to return even more relevant results.
  • Future budgets
    Create series of recurring budgets upfront, schedule people on them and have better overview of your expected future income.
  • Sales pipeline improvements
    Multiple pipelines, deal redesign, etc.
  • Dashboards
    Flexible and customizable dashboards.
  • Top-down budgeting
    A flexible approach to budgeting where you can define the size of the budget or a retainer directly on a budget without the need to define it for particular items.
  • Personal tasks
    Create personal to do list visible only to you.
  • Tasks on deals
    You'll be able to create tasks on deals.
  • Improved notes
    Use notes in Productive and write your private notes here as well.