Run every client, project or budget like a separate profit center

Profitability features

Monitor profitability in real-time

Tracking profitability on projects in real-time makes it easier and faster for you to react to problems and course-correct to fix them.

Realtime profitability monitoring example

Fixed price or hourly budgets

Run both fixed price and hourly (time and materials) projects. Or even mix them up.

Budget types

Factor in overheads

Productive factors in all costs your company has, that includes both facility costs (like office rental) and overheads (like non-billable hours).

Overhead example

View and manage salaries

Every employee has their salary data stored. This helps you get accurate costs for anything they're working on.

Salary overview

Profitability reports

Get detailed reports about profitability by client, project, project manager and more.

Profitability report dashboard

Key metrics

Revenue, costs, profit, average rate, hours worked, hours billed - get all of this, and more.

Metrics used for profitability report

Recurring budgets

Perfect for retainers or ongoing monthly maintenance deals.

Recurring budget example

Invoicing is a breeze

After having all of your finances in Productive - Invoicing is as easy as a couple of clicks.

Invoice example
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