Project management that's more powerful than Trello and simpler to use than Jira

Project management features

Assign work and collaborate on tasks

Communicate with your co-workers and clients. Send file, mention them in comments or have a private conversation.

Get everyone you work with in one place. Assign work and collaborate with co-workers, external partners and clients.

Customize your task management

Set up custom fileds on your tasks depending on what type of agency you’re running (media type, priority, story points, sprints, priority, ICE impact). With custom fields you can filter, group and analyze data in a way that's more meaningful to you, plus faster than before.

custom fields

Give your task a date range

Adding a start date and a due date will give your team members a more precise information when the task should be done.

start date

Board or list view

Choose the view that fits you best depending on the project. Productive remembers your setup.

Board and list view of projects


Use our calendar view to effectively plan work across time.

Calendar view


Get notified and keep up to date with the latest developments on the project.

Timetracking dashboard

Reply from your inbox

Reply on tasks directly from your email and it will be posted on productive so everyone involved will be up to date.

Task emails example
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