Organize and plan the work schedule for your entire organization

Scheduling page

Planning for success

Plan work ahead and learn who's overbooked, who can take more work and who's on vacation or sick leave. A top-down view of your team, at a glance.


Use placeholders

Using Placeholders, you can precisely plan upcoming projects i.e. plan and track your agency’s upcoming workload.


Assign projects to team members

Push projects forward by getting a clear picture on who’s working on what and for how long. A simple drag and drop action and a booking is created.

Productive Project Management Dashboard


Anticipate off times, vacations, sales reservations and more. Events allow you to have accurate availability information, this way, future work can be allocated with greater precision.


Schedule, then track time

Since everything is under the same roof, scheduling also makes tracking time easier for your team. Every scheduled booking automatically becomes a time-tracking suggestion.

Connection between scheduling time tracking

Heat maps in scheduling

With heat maps, only a quick glance on your Scheduling page is enough to see which teammate is overbooked, who needs more work and who is doing just fine. Fine tune them to see the exact number of hours assigned to your teammate.

heat maps

Progress reports

No need for the crystal ball. Scheduling your team's work allows you to forecast your cash flow in the upcoming period. The more accurate you schedule, the better forecast you have.

Progress reports
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Time tracking