Get your sales efforts organized and close more deals

Easily manage deals

With a visual overview of your sales pipeline, easily understand your deal flow and win more deals.

Deals in sales pipeline

Customize your pipeline

A fully customized sales pipeline will make it easier to adapt Productive to your specific sales process.

Sales pipeline workflow

Never forget to follow up on that lead

By using our TODOs feature, you won't ever forget to follow up on that potential business opportunity.

TODO reminder example

Convert Deals to Projects

After you win a deal, just convert it to a Project - no need for using a different tool for Sales and Project Management.

Creating projects from deals

Sales Reports

Get a better understanding of your sales process - find out how many deals you're winning and which team members are performing the best.

Sales report example

Improve winning by tracking why you're losing

Keep track of why you're losing deals with our 'Lost reasons' feature and improve your win-rate.

Lost reasons example

Every person and company is here

Keep everyone you work and interact with in one place, whether they are Productive users or not.

List of contacts

Email inbox

Attach emails directly to a contact, deal or budget just by BCC-ing a special email address.

Email inbox example